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Vince GarciaMy time working here at Computers 4 Kids has really had a great impact on my life. I was like every other kid out there who just got out of high school, applying for jobs with no one wanting to hire them. I wanted to work, but struggled to find anyone that would take a chance by hiring me.

Before I had graduated from high school, I was awarded a scholarship from Computers 4 Kids and received a free desktop computer from them. Having access to a computer began to open up a whole new world for me that eventually led to applying for college.

Once I started college, I knew I needed a job so that I could learn to be more self sufficient and to provide myself with the things that I would need in order to continue on my educational journey. And one day it just hit me, I should go down and apply for a job at Computers 4 Kids. I spoke with their Executive Director, Lewis Bair, about the possibility of becoming a Computer Technician at their office. This was the first time that we had met, and I didn’t have much computer experience. Lewis was hesitant, but took a chance with me, which changed my life for the better.

Within the six years that I have spent working at Computers 4 Kids, I have made lifelong friendships with some of the other Computer Techs that have worked with us, along with the Mangers and other office staff. I’ve had the opportunity to meet employees at various departments within the State of California, and with employees from the Washington Unified School District. You never really know who you might meet and what kind of impact they may have on you.

While working at Computers 4 Kids, I have learned how to:

  • Install various operating systems
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
  • Replace computer hardware
  • Edit group policies
  • Configure networks
  • Make and install internet cables
  • Test various types of hardware
  • Build computers from scratch
  • Name each component of a computer
  • Re-image a computer

With my continued dedication to learning all that I could about computers, I am able to absorb the knowledge that is presented to me and to add everything I’m learning to my ever widening skill set. I am very thankful to the opportunity that Computers 4 Kids has given me. They took a chance with a kid who just walked in and showed a strong desire to learn, to better themselves, and for that I will forever be grateful.

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