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Darwin GilliamComputers 4 Kids caters to the two things that I am most I’m passionate about: youth and technology. The reaction on a child’s face when they receive their free computer is priceless. It’s important in today’s climate to have access to and be educated in the use of current technology. I appreciate organizations like Computers 4 Kids because they work diligently to provide access to technology that many families in the community just don’t have.

My love for computers and everything technology-based was validated when I started working at a major computer company (Hewlett Packard) several years ago. Since then, I’ve moved to California and started on my own educational journey. While on campus, I was presented with the opportunity top apply for an internship at Computers 4 Kids. After researching the company, I jumped at the chance to work for them. There are so many advantages to working for Computers 4 Kids! They are in a convenient location, they serve families in the community, and they help students by providing internships that help to gain work experience and computer training.

Growing up I was a bookworm. I’d spend countless hours reading 2-3 books in a single day. Reading these books appealed to my imagination in insurmountable ways. In school, books were all we had. My children are growing up in an era where laptops in classrooms are the norm. In elementary school they’re learning to complete assignments and do homework at school using Chromebooks. I imagine that books are slowly becoming a thing of the past; e-books are the new printed book. Although I love the feel of a good printed book and flipping the pages provides me with ultimate satisfaction, I must admit that technology is making great headway in this society.

In my spare time I love spending time with my family, going on vacations, reading books, and serving the community through volunteer efforts.

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